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Professional Window Cleaning Service

Our window cleaning services cater for buildings, large or small.  

We have dedicated teams using the Reach and Wash Pole method of cleaning from fully fitted out vehicles and trailers.

For high level office window cleaning, we have a team that are fully trained in the use of hoists, platform lifts, mobile platform units and skyway lifts.

We currently subcontract to a specialist team for all abseiling and rope access cleaning. We plan to offer this service in-house in the near future.

We provide daily cleaning services to:

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Benefits of Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

The Reach and Wash system has revolutionised window cleaning as the benefits outweigh other cleaning methods. This system uses pure water which is pumped through a pole to a brush at the end. The operative then moves the brush across the window, whereby the pure water absorbs impurities and lifts the dirt from the windows and frames. The window is then rinsed to leave a streak free sterile surface.

- Eco-friendly Pure Water System

The Reach and Wash system does not use any detergents. It only uses purified de-ionised water. It is installed in our team of vans, which ensures that the supply of pure water is constant, wherever the cleaning job may be. It is completely eco-friendly. 

- Window glass stays bright and clear longer

As this system only uses water, after cleaning there is neither residue nor any soapy film left on the glass to attract dirt, meaning the crystal clear finish is long lasting.

- Satisfies Health and Safety Working at Height regulations

Windows are often in difficult to reach positions, which is hazardous to operatives using the traditional ladder system. Reach and Wash is carried out at ground level with telescopic fibre-glass poles, with scope to reach heights of up to 65 feet.

- Reduced risk of damage to client’s property

Using Reach and Wash avoids disturbance of borders and landscaping. Guttering is no longer at risk of damage by ladders. This also enables conservatory roofs and atriums, canopies, fascia, signage and exterior building cladding to be safely cleaned.

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