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Grounds Maintenance

Professional Grounds Maintenance Services

Whether you need to landscape a small courtyard or to weed and maintain the grounds around your office building, we have a cost effective solution for you.

Our grounds maintenance teams are all highly experienced and committed to providing the very best experience for all our clients, however big or small.

We provide daily cleaning services to:

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Our range of services include:

Litter Collection and Leaf Removal 

With the Irish winds never too far away, no matter what season we are in, blowing leaves and litter can be a big problem. Our Grounds Maintenance Team has the required equipment to ensure that all leaves, litter and debris is removed to enhance the appearance of your grounds.  

Office Shrub and Hedge Maintenance 

Shrubs and hedges provide the backdrop or frame the entrance to many office buildings. In order to maintain the structure of the shrubs and hedges, we provide a regular trim and pruning service. 

Weed Control 

Solid surfaces tend to be a large part of the grounds in most office blocks. In the wet and unpredictable Irish climate, pathways and tarmacadam surfaces can quickly get covered in weeds.  We provide a full spraying service to ensure solid surfaces are free from weeds. 

Power Washing for façades, paths or walkways 

Power washing is a quick and powerful choice for extra tough exterior cleaning jobs like car parks, office steps and entrances or other outdoor spaces. Over time these surfaces can become covered with algae and accumulated contaminants and regular power washing will remove these and restore the surfaces.  

Graffiti Removal

We are experienced in carrying out graffiti removal, successfully, from many surfaces, without leaving any unsightly shadows. 

Winter Maintenance 

In Ireland, Winter often brings rain followed by frosty nights.  This can lead to slippery surfaces the following morning, making it dangerous for employees or visitors.  As part of a regular maintenance service, we provide a snow removal and salting service for clients.

Landscaping Services

Working with our landscaping partners, Moore can offer a service to both create and maintain your office garden or courtyard area. Please contact us for a competitive quotation no matter how large or small. 

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