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Environment Policy

Our approach to Sustainability and the Environment

Moore Cleaning Services recognise the importance of the environment and are committed to high standards of protection and compliance across all aspects of our business. 

We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment in terms of the use of raw materials, emissions to the air and water and waste generation, and ensure the environment is at the heart of our strategic planning.

Approach to Environmental Sustainability

Moore Cleaning Services environmental performance has improved significantly over the past six years. Our environmental policy details our commitment to continuous improvement in reducing our carbon footprint and the impact our services have on the environment.

We have retained an expert Environmental Consultant in order to achieve the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard by summer of this year

Moore Cleaning Services is committed to establishing sound environmental management through:

  • Committing to meet the Company’s legislative, regulatory and environmental codes of practice and to facilitate the achievement of policy objectives
  • Developing objectives, which target continuous environmental improvements
  • Incorporating environmental issues into the decision making process 
  • Sourcing and using systems and equipment that conserve resources and prevent pollution
  • Ensuring Eco friendly products are used within our processes.
  • Educating staff so that they carry out their activities in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Responding promptly and effectively to any known significant environmental impacts of company operations

Educating our Employees and Environmental Week

From an operational point of view, each staff member receives induction training as part of our employee on-boarding process and refresher training is annually thereafter, with monthly Tool Box Talks. Company Environmental Policies and Waste management training form a crucial part of this training, and this is then followed up with on-site training which defines the client specific environmental processes and duties. 

Each year we run our  Environmental Awareness Week. It is a fun and informative event with competitions, quizzes and prizes for staff to raise awareness of the environment in general and how it applies to our client sites. The week of events includes various Environmental issue/policies with workshops, as well as a newsletter, which acts as a reminder of all the other key areas including water saving, turning of taps, lights, monitor etc.

Our integrated Corporate Social Responsibility ensures that we are aware of the importance of incorporating social and environmental concerns into our everyday business operations and on client’s sites.   

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